best pre workouts without beta alanine

5 Best Pre Workouts Without Beta-Alanine (Itch & Tingle Free)

best pre workouts without beta alanine 2022

A common question we get here a lot at Cracked™ Supplements is,“ What’s the best pre workout I can buy that won’t make my skin itch, burn, flush, or tingle?”

It’s a great question, and I must admit that due to the countless options of pre workouts available today, an honest answer was hard to find.

I figured I would start by figuring out what exactly causes your skin to feel like its on fire after taking a scoop of basic pre workout.

It didn’t take long to isolate the culprit responsible for the burning and tingling feeling; commonly referred to as paresthesia.

Its caused by an amino acid known as beta-alanine.


Common benefits of this energy amplifying ingredient are improved exercise performance and endurance. Plus, beta alanine has been shown in clinical studies to buffer lactic acid build up in muscles, leading to delayed muscle fatigue.

This all sounds nice and dandy, until you drink a scoop of this stuff and immediately feel like your next call will be to 911. If this sounds like you, don’t worry; you aren’t alone.

The “pins and needles” sensation from beta alanine should disappear within a few hours, and even when taken at large doses it has no serious negative long term side-effects.


Another lesser known cause of flushing after taking pre workouts is caused by Niacin. Supplements that contain more than 500 mg can cause blood to quickly rush to the surface of your skin. This can lead to red patches on the skin, which can also be annoying.

Believe it or not, some bodybuilders out there actually LOVE this feeling. They actually choose to ingest pre workout formulas with negative side effects.

A beginner to using pre workouts typically views these down sides as a necessary evil, but if you want a solid pre workout that doesn’t make your skin itch, burn, or tingle then I have good news for you.

Several supplement manufacturing companies and brands have taken the initiative to formulate healthy pre workout options without beta alanine or Niacin. Bye bye itch, burn, and tingles!

Get the most out of your next workout with CRACKED™ Pre-Workout.


5 Best Selling Pre Workouts Without Beta Alanine (No Itch, Burn, Flushing, or Tingles)

best pre workout without beta alanine or niacin for sale online 2022 

1. CRACKED™ Energy & Focus Pre Workout — Beta Alanine Free

best beta alanine free pre workouts 2022 — cracked supplements
CRACKED™ Energy & Focus Pre Workout — Beta Alanine Free

Cracked™ beta alanine free pre workout is an energy boosting dietary supplement that helps you stay alert and focused without the jitters or caffeine crash.

While most pre workout supplements are full of sugar and unhealthy additives, the team at Cracked™ Supplements instead chose to pack their pre workout with literally the healthiest, cleanest, organic, premium ingredients on the market today.

Cracked™ Energy & Focus is an industry leading beta alanine and niacin free pre workout because it was literally designed from the start to be just that.

This fast acting energy and brain supplement was carefully formulated with natural energy ingredients and brain boosters to help support mental performance, promote a positive mood, and boost energy.

It is packed with premium quality ingredients that you literally won’t find in ANY other healthy pre workout on the market today.

cracked pre workout

It includes organic fruiting body functional mushrooms (Lions Mane, Cordycepts, and Reishi) along with ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs (Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Spirulina, and Turmeric) clinically dosed at effective levels.

Perfected over the years, this beta alanine free pre workout option is the perfect solution to anyone looking to up their mental performance, as well as support focus and concentration long term.

Formulated in the United States at an FDA registered facility under good manufacturing practice standards, and third party tested to provide a once daily dose of energy and brain support you can take with confidence.

2. PREscience Prolific Pre Workout

PREscience Prolific Beta Alanine Free Pre Workout

Another popular pre workout which doesn’t include beta alanine or niacin in its label is PREscience Prolific. This is a quality supplement that will boost your energy for the gym, without leaving your skin irritating with side effects.

I chose this to include because it still gives you a nice energy rush from 160mg of caffeine and 3g of l-carnitine in one scoop to really get your blood flowing.

Additionally, this blend of ingredients also features nootropics that have been proven to cognitively enhance performance while increasing your focus and mind to body connection.

With all these combining factors you’ll be sure to have big pumps, explosive energy, and crazy focus during your workouts.

It contains zero grams of sugars and comes in a variety of great tasting flavors.

3. Loco Pre Workout — Myoblox

beta alanine and niacin free pre workout — Loco
Loco Pre Workout — Beta Alanine Free

With no beta alanine, Loco feels more like a healthy energy drink than a basic pre workout supplement. It provides clean energy alongside a noticeable lift in mood.

It comes in a 25 serving tub — which always bugs me for some reason. Just give us a full month 30 serving container and make things easier on us, am I right?

That being said, a quick glance at their website and I noticed that it comes in some unique flavors. Sour cherry cola was one of them, and I thought that was a refreshing flavor option compared to their other flavor, lime sherbet.

I found it odd that their product page didn’t include a description of the features and benefits of the product other than this ingredient label.

I felt the need to include it on this list because I actually really enjoyed it after trying it in real life.

It doesn’t have any beta alanine or niacin (which was cool) but other than that it seemed like it gave me the jolt of energy and motivation I was looking for.

For the price, however, I believe you are much better off going with a more value-packed product, such as CRACKED™ Energy and Focus.

4. 4Gauge Pre Workout

4Gauge Pre Workout — No Beta Alanine

This banger kept showing up over and over again, so naturally I had to give it a home as number 4 on our list.

4Gauge pre workout doesn’t have any beta alanine, but does include a small dose of caffeine at 150 mg per serving. Although this is quite lower than the Food and Drug Administrations recommended daily allowance it should be enough to provide a smooth burst of energy for your light gym or cardio workouts.

In addition, 4 Gauge contains only natural nutrients that help you feel better during prolonged exercise.

With 600 grams of citruline malate you can also expect a nice pump and increased vasodilation. This gives you that “swole” look we all crave.

It includes natural ingredients to combat fatigue and depression that undermine motivation during exercise. 4Gauge has even added Rhodiola rosea and Beta vulgaris (red beet) for increased physical performance and endurance.

I liked seeing that the team at 4Gauge also included L-Theanine for concentration and calmness, which pairs nicely with the caffeine for a smoother energy boost without the jitters.

5. Pre Lab Pro Pre-Workout

Pre Lab Pro Pre Workout — No Beta Alanine or Itch

This beta-alanine free pre workout finishes off our list due to its solid combination of caffeine and L-theanine.

Dosed at only 80 mg of caffeine per serving, this natural pre workout would be an excellent choice for beginners, or those sensitive to caffeine.

When used in tandem, this amount of caffeine and L-theanine provides increased energy levels and stamina, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and more.

Plus, you shouldn’t experience a crash.

Another interesting benefit outlined on the website is that this pre workout contains “homeostasis support.” To deliver these next-level results, Pre Lab Pro® claims to “skillfully stacks research-backed pre-workout ingredients that complement each other, amplify each other, and even unlock synergy.”

Lastly, Pre Lab Pro contains a good amount of beet root powder.

This natural ingredient is clinically shown to improve muscle force efficiency; especially during fatigue. It is also known to support stamina, and reduce oxygen consumption without impacting heart rate.

6. Bonus Round — Brain Blitz Pre Workout

Brain Blitz Nootropic Pre Workout without beta alanine

It’s late at night, and I can’t sleep because I’m still trying to wrap my head around WHY this girl my brother used to know thought it was a good idea to delete MY business Instagram account.

I guess its true, all hair dressers really are crazy.

To pass the time, I decided to would review another interesting find for you all to take my mind off things LOL.

That being said, this bonus round beta alanine free pre workout comes to us from the team at Phase 1 Nutrition.

They claim that it is “the world’s strongest nootropic pre workout” and although it does contain beta alanine I thought I would include it just to see if anyone out there has tried it?

If so, please leave me a comment below with your thoughts and honest takeaways and maybe I will buy a tub to review for you guys!

beta alanine free pre workouts with nootropics and what doses

Best Beta Alanine Free Pre Workouts Conclusion

All in all, finding the right pre workout without beta alanine shouldn’t be too hard to find.

I would recommend trying a couple different options, and testing them in real life for yourself. There are seriously so many options out there, and due to our unique flavor preferences, and different biological make-ups, trying them personally is highly recommended.

I have tried every beta alanine free pre workout on this list, and without a doubt CRACKED™ Energy & Focus is my absolute favorite.

I’m obsessed with their “blue crush” flavor, and am anxiously awaiting their next flavor drop.

Look for pre workouts that have included ingredients to successfully bypass the beta alanine; such as using citruline malate, or other forms of “pump” stimulants that won’t cause irritation to your skin.

If you have found any discrepancies in this post, or have any other pre workouts that you know about that should be included, PLEASE drop a comment below and let me know.

The purpose of these articles is to truly help beginners find the best pre workout supplement to meet their needs, and your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading, and for more information on the best pre workouts on the market check out these links below!

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